Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kaze No Stigma stinks!

If one anime could be filled to the rim with generic vomit, that would be
Kaze No Stigma. I watched the anime on the recommendation from a friend. But, oh was I sorely mistaken. I am quite the avid anime fan and appreciate a good action anime every now and again. I don't even mind the slight inkling of romance and comedy. Yet, Kaze No Stigma takes stereotype and fanservice way over the top. The anime was animated by Gonzo, who produce anime ranging from average to epic. This anime was average, bordering on stupid.

First off, there are two main characters Kazuma Yagami and Ayano Kannagi. Kazuma is the quintessential silent, but strong type. He has been exiled from the Kannagi family, because of his inability to use fire jutsu. Kazuma is very much the Sasuke of the series, with less emo-ness and a pole up his ass. He is constantly protecting his brother, who is the damzel in distress for most of the series. Ayano on the other hand is a strong willed redhead much like Shana from Shakugan No Shana. This shows no true effort on the part of Gonzo to establish her character more effectively.

The animation is mediocre as expected of such a fail series, and character development is limited going nowhere. Fans will be left with dissatisfaction and a coppery taste in their mouth, from biting their tongue at the epic fail of the anime. RAMjew


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