Friday, February 5, 2010

Horror has never been so lol!

Over many moons there arrives a horror movie which defies all logic, and overrides the laws of physics. It obtains in the process a state of epicness, and lolness like no other.
Halloween II might be that movie because Rob Zombie has hit gold. Rob Zombie rebooted the dying Halloween franchise in 2007 and garnered mild success. Forward to 2010 and the release of his sequel, which looks more like an extended version of one of his music videos.

Lauri Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton) has survived the murdering mayhem of her pyscho hulk brother Michael in the previous film (Tyler Mane). Once, again Michael kills people in a variety of gory, obscene ways. All in the hope of getting to his sister Lauri, now named Angel in the film. The film suffers from being a confused mess, with random symbolism and moments that defy common sense. Michael is able to flip cars over with his bare hands, and dismember bodies like a fiend on speed. The consistent use of a white horse throughout the film is quite jarring, enhancing the lol factor of the film. Michael seems to be the Hulk rather than a serial killer on steroids. Or, perhaps he is both.

One of the more promising points of the film is the score, and the intriguing direction Rob Zombie chose to take the franchise in. The score uses classic 80s synth music coupled with some classic rock bringing a bit of nostalgia to the movie. This reminds me of many other slasher films from the same time period as Halloween, and enhances the funny moments of the film (which are meant to be so horrific). Rob Zombie uses many weird transitions and has unexplained plotholes in his version of the franchise, but offers some weirdness and a plate of awesomeness instead. The movie is a must see for any horror fan looking for a good laugh. The promise of a low budget film in the hodpodge of over-complicated horror movies, is strangely welcoming. Weird is good, and Rob Zombie deserves a view. RAMjew


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